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Towards a Posture of Confidence

In the Defense Posture, it’s impossible to stand up straight, without effort or pain. We also lose our capacity to adapt.

The body as a whole is under tension, without the person necessarily being aware of it.

The smallest event can then shake the whole structure, leading to acute pain, spinal blockages, herniated discs, anxiety attacks, depression, illness…

From Defense to Safety; from Safety to Growth

When we experience an event of any kind, our brain assesses whether we can assimilate it safely.

If the body perceives it as a danger, the spinal column sends messages to all the nerves to block this unfavorable energy, in the form of muscle spasms and spinal distortions. The result is that the body becomes lodged in a pattern of self-defense.

Each time a situation arises that reminds the triggering event, the body freezes further, creating even more tension.

In the long run, maintaining defense patterns leads to a loss of energy, resulting in physical and emotional symptoms. These prevent the development of natural bonds with others and make us less alive. The more inflexible our spine becomes, the more rigid our life becomes.

Network care helps restore the flexibility in the spinal cord and body. It enables the body to develop its own strategies to move from a physiology of survival and defense to one of confidence, growth and well-being.