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The body’s response to stress

The following three types of stress put the body in a state of defense and, as they accumulate, diminish health and quality of life.

Physical stress

Poor posture in daily activities, falls, accidents, sports, repetitive movements, the birth process (very fast, very long, with medical intervention), surgery, illness…

Chemical stress

Unhealthy food, food additives, refined sugar, sweeteners, sodas, stimulants (coffee), pesticides, additives, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, medication, pollution…

Emotional and mental stress

Work pressures, money problems, deaths, separations, illness, perfectionism, fast pace of life, timetables…

In response to physical, chemical and emotional stresses, our bodies store tension in various body systems (muscles and tendons, connective tissues or fascias, joints, especially spinal joints, nerves, meninges surrounding the spinal cord…).

These tensions can be expressed in the form of various symptoms or warning messages whose function is to make us react, to remind us that there’s something in our lives that’s not quite right.