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Results of Retrospective study at Irvine University, California (1)

A clinical studies carried over 2800 subjects receiving Network care showed benefits.

76% of patients felt significant improvements at multiple levels : physical, emotional, better coping with stress, increased pleasure and quality of life in general.

Patients reported multiples changes on different aspects of their life :

› Physical wellness

› Stress

› General quality of life

› Emotional and mental wellbeing

› Life enjoyment

› Lifestyle changes

It was also shown that patients that received care for more than 3 years, didn’t plateau and were still seing the benifits of Network care It was shown that patient continued in their follow up beyond resolution of symptoms. Patients also reported making better life choices and getting more out of life.

(1) « Network Spinal Analysis™ : A System of Health Care Delivery Within the subluxation©-Basbred Chiropractic Model » Donald Epstein, D.C. Journal of vertebral subluxation© research, August 1996, vol.1, No.1›

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Network Spinal :

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