The NSA work with Mona has impacted my life and health significantly. I started the work with her seeking relief from chronic lower back problems. It has become so much more. The back problems are a thing of the past, and the work has progressed to a place where my overall health and wellness has benefited tremendously. I'm handling stress much better, particularly at work. I sleep better, I heal faster and I am able to release stress with little or no effort. I have continued with Network care because I love it. I have a sense of wellness, strength and it has become a sort of focal point for my health practices in general. It keeps me on track. I can say for certain that I am a happier and healthier person as a result of the Network Spinal Analysis work that I have done with Mona.

Brian, 51, Writer-Teacher

Working with Mona and with network care has enabled me to confront layers of fear that were stuck in my body for the last 44 years. Her guidance and generosity in her work, have been an anchor. Network touches all aspects of you, and helps to integrate everything...or, rather, it helps you see that at heart, at the root of you, you are already an integrated, whole human being. When I first began Network, I hated the fact that I had to share a room with other practice members, because I thought it would diminish the amount the one-on-one care I felt I deserved. Now, sharing a room with another is the best part! I so clearly see and feel that when one person moves towards their own healing, we all are brought along with it. All our lives are delicately interlaced.

Kim, 44, Yoga Teacher

I did a lot of skateboarding, tree planting, and packing heavy canoes in my teens and twenties, and my body bore the brunt of it. One day I attended a meditation workshop and found that I was unable to hold the posture for any length of time due to back pain. I was afraid to see a chiropractor for fear of being injured until I discovered Network. I was subsequently amazed at how effective this technique was at aligning the body without imposing force, but rather by intelligently stimulating the body's natural ability to find its own release from unnecessary tension. Visiting a network practitioner (and Mona is a particularly good one) has helped me recover from injury, has made me more intimately aware of my body, and has given me the foundation to live a healthier lifestyle.

Tyler, 33, Wildlife Biologist

Since I started to receive Network care, my migraines are much less frequent and definitely less severe. Emotionally, I am much more open, and I have a greater ability to communicate, a greater self-awareness, and much more patience than before. I am less stressed and there have been significant changes in my career and lifestyle that I couldn't have imagined previously.

Erin, 39, Freelance Writer

Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within.

Deepak Chopra, MD

Network Care is amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have experienced.

Anthony Robbins, Coach and Bestselling Author

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