Network Spinal
stimulates self-healing.

What is Network Spinal 3.0 or Network Care?

Netwok Spinal 3.0 is the upgraded version of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) or Network Care, they all consist of light touches at specific access points along the spinal column, called Spinal Gateways. These light touches trigger the nervous system to:

  • Become conscious of areas of tension and blocked energy in the body;
  • Develop new strategies to dissipate these tensions;
  • Become more flexible and efficient to respond to physical, emotional, mental and chemical stressors.

Each Network entrainment (adjustment) sends information to the brain, which then re-organizes these tensions through body movements, breath or an emotional discharge.

Network Care facilitates self-healing.

Dr. Mona Nasreddine

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