Network Care: A safe and gentle method for all, regardless of age. A powerful tool for those wishing to improve their quality of life.

Network Spinal Analysis is so safe and gentle that everyone can benefit from it, regardless of age or health status: newborn babies, children, adults, seniors, students, therapists and athletes. Network is for those looking to actively improve their health and life.

A healthy nervous system and a more flexible spine make for a more flexible and freer life.

  • NSA and Babies: promotes a healthy development and favors a more harmonious start in life with less tension in their body and nervous system.
  • NSA and Children: optimizes physical and emotional wellness and strengthens their immune system.
  • NSA and Teenagers: supports them through demanding physical and emotional changes; helps them be more centered.
  • NSA and Pregnant women: contributes to a healthier and more harmonious pregnancy and delivery.
  • NSA and Seniors: improves their health, mobility and quality of life. Network Care is very gentle and therefore ideal for more fragile bodies.
  • NSA and Athletes & Musicians: enhances performance all the while heightening their awareness of the body's limits, thus reducing incidence of injuries.
  • NSA and Health Care Workers and Therapists: supports their health and wellness, helping them take care of others.

NSA works with the body's natural ability to heal, and facilitates this process. It is ideal for those seeking a drug-free, non-invasive approach to health and wellness. Clinical studies have shown that people under Network care have much better stress management and make healthier life choices.

Dr. Mona Nasreddine

1477 St. Joseph East
Montreal, QC
H2J 1M6

T. 514 670-0446